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gardening without work

Gifts for Gardeners

Here are some suggestions for unique Christmas gifts if you have a gardener in your life.  I use most of these items myself, so can recommend them confidently and without hesitation. Many of the items are very low priced, so they would be good for stocking stuffers. Another possibility is to create a gift basket with a …

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Organic Weed Control

I have several areas in my garden where the soil is light and fluffy and the weeds that come are easy to pull.  I try and spend a few minutes each day pulling or hoeing.  It makes the task less daunting. Mulching helps with weed control.   A layer of leaves, compost, or aged manure will …

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duck nutritional comparison

Duck Eggs!

During one of our first years at the farmers market, another vendor was selling ducks.  We acquired two for our children.  They eventually became a herd, and started laying eggs.   We researched the eggs and learned about the differences and the nutritional benefits. Comparison of Duck Eggs to Chicken Eggs The taste of the …

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