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Duck Eggs!

During one of our first years at the farmers market, another vendor was selling ducks.  We acquired two for our children.  They eventually became a herd, and started laying eggs.   We researched the eggs and learned about the differences and the nutritional benefits.

Comparison of Duck Eggs to Chicken Eggs

The taste of the eggs is virtually indistinguishable

Duck eggs weigh five to eight ounces per dozen more than chicken eggs.

The shells of duck eggs are slightly more difficult to crack.

The albumen of duck eggs is somewhat firmer and usually takes slightly longer to whip up for meringues and angel food cakes than the white of chicken eggs.

Many people prefer duck eggs for baking: the extra protein creates additional loft in cakes

When fried, duck eggs set up firmer than chicken eggs

The shells of duck eggs are thicker than those of chicken eggs and just a bit rubbery, which makes them harder to crack and to peel.

Tests conducted by institutions such as the University of Nebraska clearly show that duck eggs retain their freshness during storage considerably longer than those of chickens.

duck nutritional comparison