Pest and Disease Information

To routinely run for a can of spray when you see a problem is not in the best interest of your garden ecosystem.  There are options.   Here are resources to help you with these problems.

Insects and Diseases

The best way to control pests and diseases is to build a healthy garden environment.  Keep your plants healthy with a good fertility program, adequate water, few weeds, and soil with good drainage.  Plants that are stressed are more likely to have problems. Rotate your crops.  Moving your crops around confuses bugs that favor particular …

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Lightweight row cover for insect control

We use lightweight row cover to control flea beetles and cabbage worms.  It can protect your plants from many other pests as well, such as aphids, whiteflies and thrips. It will protect from deer and other large munching animals!  One grower I know uses fabric to protect his corn from hungry, seed-stealing crows and danother protects …

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Solarize Your Soil to Control Pests and Diseases

When weed, disease, or pest problems become bad, it may be time to try to “solarize” your soil. This means to add a covering of clear plastic to your garden for several weeks.  The longer the period of time the plastic stays in place, the better. By covering the soil in this manner for at …

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imp cab butterfly

Cabbage Worms and Butterflies

Most of this was written by my daughter, Amy Manning The imported cabbageworm: Have you ever noticed that gorgeous white butterfly that flits around your garden right around the time that the weather starts warming up? Yeah, that beautiful creature is actually laying their eggs on your plants.  The eggs will then hatch and then …

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This article was written by my daughter, Amy Manning I live in the Pacific Northwest on heavily shaded and moist acreage which is prime slug habitat. The slugs out here grow to enormous sizes–five inches or more. Nothing prepared me for the reality of what what was in store for me in attempting to grow …

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Voles and Gophers

Ruthless murderers. After a particularly bad year, that’s how I describe gophers and voles. We had an explosion in the vole population.  In nine seasons at this property, we never had to deal with voles before.  But here they were this year, devouring everything. We prefer live traps, but this year the only way to …

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Deer and Rabbit Control

I know there are many repellents suggested on the web.  The answer for us has been fencing.  A strong, tall fence is fool proof. I hope you are lucky enough to have the skills to build it yourself, or to have somebody that can build such a fence for you.  I am very thankful that …

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