Lightweight row cover for insect control

We use lightweight row cover to control flea beetles and cabbage worms.  It can protect your plants from many other pests as well, such as aphids, whiteflies and thrips. It will protect from deer and other large munching animals!  One grower I know uses fabric to protect his corn from hungry, seed-stealing crows and danother protects peas right after planting, to fight off the chipmunks.

Cucurbits can be protected with this fabric.  These include melons, cucumbers, pumpkins and squash.  They are especially vulnerable to the striped cucumber beetle, which spreads deadly bacterial wilt as it chews foliage.  These plants are less tolerant of having the fabric touching their leaves, so some form of support is required to elevate the material. Supports such as wire hoops, bent pvc piping or rebar can be used.

Lightweight row cover can also be used for pollination control.  It also provides some protection from damaging winds.

I recommend Agribon row covers.  They are guaranteed against  premature UV breakdown. Agribon is similar to other row covers but generally longer lasting. UV stabilizers increase expected field life to 2 to 3 seasons.

This row cover allows 90% light transmittance and gives minimal cold protection.  Water will easily permeate this cover.

Light-weight row cover fabrics are somewhat fragile and easy to tear, so it’s understandable that a grower might opt for a heavier cover.  But your plants may not be able to withstand the heat build up of a heavier weight.  Save these for the cool weather.