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How long do seeds last?

Seed Viability
Keep your seeds stored properly and they will last more than just one season.
Rodale’s Garden Encyclopedia says this about seed storage:  “Storage in the dark is preferable to storage in the light.”  and   “For most seeds, a relative humidity of 50-60 percent and a temperature between 32 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit are preferred.”
Below is a table that gives the expected life of many vegetable seeds.  The information in the left column is taken from the Territorial Seeds catalogue.  The University information in the right column is from the University of Nebraska Extension.  The differences are interesting.
Many people report even longer seed lives.  You can test your old seeds to see how viable they are.  Spread a few seeds on a few layers of paper towel.  Cover with a few more layers and wet the towels.  You can store this in a plastic bag to prevent drying out.  Check the seeds after several days to see if they’ve sprouted.  If you see sprouts, it means the seeds are still good.