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To extend your garden season, you may want to consider a hotbed.  A hot bed looks similar to a coldframe.  The difference Is that a hole is dug below the ground level.  In the hole, fresh manure is placed.  Then planting soil is placed on top of that.  As the manure composts/decomposes, it gives off heat.  The heat warms the soil.

The basis for the heat source is a thick layer of manure that will decay and give off heat due to the microorganism activity. A 2 ½ foot layer of manure is suggested.  The heat rises through the planting medium, heating it and the air inside the hotbed.

The hotbed should not be filled with manure and planting soil until late winter so the manure will begin to heat in time to grow spring plants.  After the manure is added, water the manure to kickstart the decomposition process.  After planting soil is added, keep the soil/manure watered.

Cover the hotbed as you would a cold frame, with old windows that be opened for ventilation on sunny days.  Old windows or glass doors can be used for this project.  The dimensions of the top surface will determine the demensions of the frame that should be built under it, to support the window off the soil surface.