Here are my tips for growing great beets:

Site, soil type:

Beets tolerate low fertility.

Plant in loose soil so bulb and taproot can grow freely.

Beets can be grown in full sun or partial shade.

Planting requirements

Plant ¼ inch deep.

Beets germinate at 45 degrees, but 55-70 degrees are best for quick germination and growth.

They tolerate light frost.

Seeds may actually be pods.  Many plants may germinate from each seed and they will need to be thinned.

Nutrition/Fertilizer needs

Beets are a light feeder, meaning they only need supplemental fertilizer in poor soil.

Being a root vegetable, they need phosphorus and potassium, and smaller amounts of nitrogen.

Water needs

Beets needs consistent moisture.   Keep well watered to prevent scab.

Other tips

Competition and uneven watering makes beets stringy and tough.

Corky black areas in roots are a sign of a boron deficiency,

A potassium deficiency is evidenced by elongated rather than bulb roots – correct with a side dressing of wood ashes or compost.

Beets are quite resistant to insects and diseases.