Here are my tips for growing great carrots:

Site, soil type:

It is very important is that the soil be loose for about a foot down.  Use a bed that has had significant amounts of compost applied.   An alternative is to build a raised bed with your best loose soil.

Small and misshapen carrots will result in less loose soil, but carrots will still be edible.

Carrots tolerate low fertility.

They will grow well in a wide range of pH – 5.5 to 7.0.

They tolerate light shade.

Planting requirements:

Optimal spacing is 4 inches in the row, and rows 12 inches apart.   Plant seeds directly in the garden, ¼ inch deep.

Plan your first planting when daytime temperatures are at least 50 degrees.  Carrots prefer 60-75 degree air temperatures.

Controlling spacing is easier with pelleted seeds.  These are available from Johnny’s Seeds.

Carrots are frost tolerant.

Nutrition/Fertilizer needs:

Carrots are a light feeder.  Not much fertilizer is needed.   Avoid nitrogen.  It causes hairy carrots and root branching.

Water needs:

Keep soil moist at all times.   Moist soil makes sweeter carrots.

Other tips:

Irrigate well prior to harvesting to allow roots to absorb moisture.  This will make premium carrots.

When carrots are a few inches grown, hill soil around roots to prevent green shoulders.

Carrots can be “stored” by leaving them in the ground.