Swiss Chard

Here are some tips for growing Swiss chard:

Site, soil type:

Swiss chard tolerates low fertility soil.   It prefers cool weather.

It benefits from partial shade in summer.

Planting requirements:

Swiss chard can be planted early, as soon as the ground can be worked.    Chard is frost tolerant.

Sow seeds ½ inch deep. 6 inches apart, eventually thinning to 12 inches.

Row cover will help warm the soil and seeds for quicker germination.

Nutrition/Fertilizer needs:

Chard is a light feeder.  Depending on soil quality, add a nitrogen fertilizer (fish meal, blood meal, etc.) for good leafy growth, as needed.

Water needs:

Keep soil moist at all times for healthy plants.

Other tips:

Chard is one green that will grow through most of the summer without bolting.   Harvest over a long period by picking leaves that reach the desired size and leaving the plant to continue producing more.

Grow a tender variety for late summer salads.

Chard is rarely troubled by pests.  I had a little trouble with grasshoppers wanting the leaves last year.